February 2022

Shopping For Bras - Monica's Favorite Bras

Shopping For Bras — Monica

It was Monica’s idea to go shopping for bras and have them professionally fitted. She read in a blog post that for clothes to fit well, the undergarments also need to fit well. Because she and her friends: Sam, Alice, Grace and Veronica were learning which design lines and colors enhance their natural beauty, they …

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Shopping for Bras -- Sam's Favorite

Shopping For Bras — Sam

Shopping for bras isn’t something Sam does very often. She had never been professionally fitted for one before because it never occurred to her that bras need to be professionally fitted. Her friend Monica read that wearing the right bra and bra size is important to make clothes fit better and more importantly to give …

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Shopping For Bras -- Measurements

Shopping For Bras — Basics

I’ve found most women hate shopping for bras. This is mostly because it’s so hard to find ones that fit well. I’m included in that group. It’s partly because it feels like you’re shopping for something hidden that you never see on others; for example, the plumbing or electric wiring in a house. The other …

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