Design Line Shape — Evaluate Your Clothes

The next step in evaluating your favorite outfit is understanding its overall design line shape. Design lines come from:

  • Neckline
  • Collars
  • Pockets
  • Cuffs
  • Plackets
  • Seamlines
  • Prints

Design lines usually have an angular or curved shape. In this post you will learn:

  • Which body element gives you clues to which shape looks best on you
  • How you can determine your design line shape
  • Determine your favorite outfit’s overall design line shape
  • Compare your face clue results to that of your favorite outfit

Design Line Shape -- Body Element

Face Shapes

The Body Element which gives you the clue to design line shape is your Face Shape. I wrote about it in: How To Keep Your Feet From Resembling Olive Oyl’s Feet

Your Face Shape gives you clues to the shape of:

  • Inside lines
  • Prints
  • Accessories

If your Face Shape is angular the design line shape should be angular and if your Face Shape is curved the design line should be curved.

These are examples of inside lines:

Body Elements - Face Shape - Angular and curved design lines

Examples of angular and curved print shapes:

Design line shape - prints

Design Line Shape -- Your Face

Do you have an angular or curved Face Shape? If you’re angular you want angular inside lines and prints. On the other hand, if you’re curved, you want curved lines.

To review or determine your Face Shape go to the Face Shape Body Element post.

Design Line Shape -- Your Favorite Outfit

Now the fun begins. Look at all the inside design lines on your favorite outfit. Look at:

  • Neckline
  • Collar
  • Pockets
  • Cuffs
  • Plackets
  • Design lines that don’t have a functional purpose
  • Print

Are they either angular or curved? Most designers don’t think about this detail so often you will see mixed design lines. The real question is: does the outfit have an overall feel of angular or curved?

Compare Design Lines -- Your Favorite Outfit and Face

Now compare your results with your Face Shape. Does it match? If it does you’re one step above everyone else. Not matching doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite outfit.

Curved and Angular Print Dresses

When it does match it just adds a layer of confidence. For example I love polka dots. They just make me happy. I really don’t know why. My face has an angular shape and polka dots aren’t the best choice for me. I have two nearly identical dresses both black and white and one has the polka dot print and the other an angular print. When I wear the angular print dress I always get lots of complements. However, whenever I wear the polka dot one not so much. On days I know I’m not stepping out of my comfort zone I wear the polka dot dress just because it makes me happy.

If you’re like me and a certain print or design line just makes you happy, wear it on days you don’t need that extra bit of confidence.

On those days you know you are stepping out of your comfort zone, make sure all of your body clues are congruent with the clothes you’re wearing. This way you feel all the confidence you need to conquer the world.

Did your favorite outfit’s inside lines match your face clues? Make a comment below about your results.

Next week’s post is the last piece of the puzzle in evaluating your favorite outfit. You will learn about the outfit’s print scale. It’s called Print Scale — Evaluate Your Clothes.

Wear Your Greatness!!

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