Body Elements - Face Shapes

How To Keep Your Feet From Resembling Olive Oyl’s Feet

Body Elements - Face Shapes

Back in the day I wore pumps everyday to work. I noticed that whenever I wore rounded toe shoes I felt my feet looked like Olive Oyl’s feet (Popeye the Sailor Man’s girlfriend). Her feet always looked too big for her and it’s the first thing you saw.

Olive Oyl's feet don't match her face shape

During this time I also wore a suit everyday. Overtime I developed my love of all kinds of jackets. However, I noticed that shawl collars don’t look good on me. Whenever I put them on something was just wrong.

Have you noticed that certain styles of shoes and/or clothes just don’t work for you? Do you have any idea why? Keep reading because in this post you will learn why.

Your face shape gives you the clue. I never knew why round toe shoes and shawl collars just didn’t look good on my body. I finally discovered the reason while doing my research to determine how every woman can have a closet full of clothes she loves to wear.

In this post you will learn:

  • What are the different face shapes
  • How to determine your face shape
  • What clues your face shape gives you

Different Face Shapes

There are eight different face shapes and they can be classified into two categories:

  • Angular
  • Curved
Body Element - Face Shape

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How To Determine Your Face Shape

To determine your face shape look in a mirror and evaluate:

  • Forehead to the cheeks and jawline
  • Cheeks to the forehead and chin
  • Chin to the forehead and cheeks

Once you have done this, look at the chart below to determine your face shape and if it is angular or curved.

Face Shape Clues

Before I tell you the clues your face shape gives you, I want you to understand this: to duplicate that one outfit you love to wear, you have to see and understand the details. Understanding the clues your face shape gives you is apart of those details, and most women have no idea those details matter or even exist, including most stylists and the fashion industry.

I have two dresses which I designed and created. Both are made with the same pattern and color combination. The only difference is the print: one is poke-a-dot and the other an angular design.

Curved and Angular Print Dresses

I wear both dresses quite frequently to my day job. However, I only get compliments on the angular print dress and never on the poke-a-dot dress. The reason lies in my face shape.

Your face shape tells you the shape of the inside lines of your clothes along with the overall shape of prints and accessories. Inside lines of your clothes include:

  • Collars
  • Pockets
  • Cuff
  • Center front line
Body Elements - Face Shape - Angular and curved design lines

That means if your face shape is angular you should wear angular collars and if your face shape is curved you should wear curved collars.

I have a rectangular face shape which puts it in the angular category. As a result I need to wear angular lapels. Shawl collars are curved lapels and that is why I can’t wear them.

With my angular face shape poke-a-dots are not my best print but angular prints are. This is why I only get compliments on the angular print dress. I love poke-a-dots because they make me happy. I do wear this dress knowing I’m violating my own rule. (In a later post I will talk about when and how to break rules.)

The same goes for accessories. If you have an angular face accessories should be angular and if your face is curved your accessories should be curved. Because I have an angular face, round toe shoes don’t work for me. This is why I feel I have Olive Oyl feet when wearing round toe pumps.

I had classic navy blue, squared toed pumps with a little modern twist and whenever I wore them I always got a lot of compliments on them. I think this fact is so interesting because these shoes were not what I call show stoppers, but I would still get comments whenever I wore them, like the angular print dress people noticed, yet most didn’t know why.

Now go to your closet and look at the design lines and print in that one outfit you love to wear and determine if they match your face. I bet they do.

Make comments below and tell us your face shape and the inside lines of your favorite outfit. I would love to hear your results. Was it an “ah ha” moment?

Wear Your Greatness!!

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