Third Body Element - Color of Skin Hair and Eyes

What Do You Want People To See First: You Or Your Print?

What Are The Colors of Your Skin, Hair and Eyes Telling You? Part 4 -- Scale of Prints and Accessories

Have you ever seen a woman wearing a print so big that it looks like the print is wearing her instead of her wearing it? All you see is the print. The problem is that she is wearing a print too large in scale for her.

Too large of print scale

On the reverse side, have you ever not noticed the print at first? Then when you do notice it, it seems the print just gets lost. In this case the problem is that she is wearing a print that is too small in scale for her.

Too small print scale

The right size print makes all the difference.

right small large scale right person

The color contrast of your skin, hair and eyes gives you the first of three clues in determining the size of prints and accessories that create balance with your body. Your body proportions and body frame size give you the other two clues. After you understand all three clues I will explain how to put them together.

In this post you will learn about:

  • Scale basics
  • The color of skin, hair and eyes scale clue

Scale Basics

What do I mean by scale of prints and accessories? The bare-bones idea is the impact of prints or accessories have on your body. This impact includes the actual and visual size. In the post about putting the three scale clues together I will explain this idea in more depth.

Scale/size can be grouped into:

  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small

Examples of large, medium and small prints:

Large, medium and small print scale

Skin, Hair and Eyes Scale Clue

The contrast between your skin, hair and eyes gives you the first clue for your perfect print and accessory size. You used your color contrast profile to determine other colors you can pair with your base color and the relative lightness and darkness of these colors.

If your color contrast profile is: ________; then, your print and accessory scale will be ________.

Make a note of this clue. After you have gathered the scale clues from body proportions and body frame size, I will write a post about putting all these clues together.

What is your print and accessory scale clue from the color of your skin, hair and eyes? Write it in the comments below. Mine is large because my color contrast profile is high.

In the next post you will learn about the next body element — Body Proportions.

Wear Your Greatness!!

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