Fifth Body Element - Body Frame Size

Body Frame Size — Bone Size Clue

Your bone’s size gives you a clue to your ideal size of prints and accessories through your Body Frame Size. This is the last of the Five Body Elements.

Have you heard the expression of being “big boned” or “small boned”? I’m small boned and through experimentation, figured out large scale prints and accessories just seem out of place on me. For example, big handbags take over my body. People just see the handbag and not me. The medium size handbag still looks out of place. The medium/small handbag adds value to my body. I own that bag and I always get compliments about it because it’s the right size for me.

Large, medium or medium/small handbags

Body Frame Size  gives you the third and final clue for scale. Coloring of Skin, Hair and Eyes give you the first scale clue, and Body Proportion gives you the second scale clue.

In this post you will learn: 

  • How to determine your body frame 
  • Your body frame scale clue

Determine Your Body Frame

In order to determine your body frame size you need your height and wrist size. You measured your height in the Body Proportion post. Go and find this measurement in your notes.

Next measure your wrist size by taking a flexible measuring tape and wrapping it around your wrist.

With these two measurements in mind, use the table below to determine your body frame.

Your Scale Clue

Now that you know the your body frame, you can easily determine scale size. The your body frame directly correlates to scale size:

  • Small body frame – Small scale
  • Medium body frame – Medium scale
  • Large body frame – Large scale

You might be wondering why my handbag from above is medium/small instead of small because I have a small body frame. In a word, my color contrast profile being high increases my ideal accessory size. Now that you have all three scale clues you can put them together to determine your ideal scale size for prints and accessories. The next post covers this subject.

Were you surprised by body frame size and scale clue? Tell us by writing in the comments below.

Wear Your Greatness!!

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