Body Frame Size

Body Frame Size — The Girls

Body Frame Size is the fifth and final Body Element. Like Body Proportions few if any women understand its significance in regards to determining what design lines enhance their natural beauty.

I determined the significance of this Body Element by listening to several stylists evaluating various women’s bodies for design lines. However, I don’t think they understood the patterns they were talking about. When I applied the clue my Body Frame Size gave me, I was amazed with my results.

Body Frame Size

Clothes & Confidence -- Body Frame Size

Body Frame Size looks at the width of your bone structure. Women talk about if they have a small, medium or large bone structure. Your bone structure is the basis for the design line clue that Body Frame Size will give you.

To determine your Body Frame Size compare the circumference of your wrist to your height. You can learn more in Body Frame Size — Bone Size Clue.

Body Frame Size -- Design Line Clues

This Body Element gives you one design line clue, which is the 3rd and final clue for the scale of prints and accessories. The size of your body frame gives you the following clue:

  • Small — Small scale
  • Medium — Medium scale
  • Large — Large scale

In the next post the Girls will learn how to combine all three scale clues into a Scale Strategy.

Body Frame Size -- Sam

Medium Body Frame Size

Sam compared her wrist circumference with her height and determined that her Body Frame Size is medium.

Scale Of Prints & Accessories

The 3rd and final clue for the scale of prints and accessories for her is medium. The next step Sam will take is to bring all three scale clues together to determine her overall scale strategy.

Body Frame Size -- Monica

Monica determined her Body Frame Size to be large. This knowledge gave her some comfort because she always thought she was just fat. Now she understands that the width of her skeleton is causing a lot of it which she can’t change. She’s starting to relax about her overall body shape because much of her size has to do with her skeleton and muscle structures. Finally Monica understands her body is giving her clues as to the best design lines and colors that enhance it.

Scale Of Prints & Accessories

Monica’s final clue to the scale of prints and accessories is large. She’ll combine this clue with the clues given her by Color Skin, Hair and Eyes and Body Proportions. This gives her a clue as to why she has always gravitated toward larger prints.

Body Frame Size -- Alice

Medium Body Frame Size

Alice determined that the size of her body frame is medium. This surprised her because she always thought she was considered large boned because her shoulders are so wide. Going through this whole process of understanding her Body Elements, has given her a better understanding of her body. She’s starting to accept her body as it is.

Scale Of Prints & Accessories

Because Alice’s Body Frame Size is medium, it translates into a clue of medium for scale of prints and accessories.

Body Frame Size -- Grace

Small Frame Size

After comparing her wrist size with her height, she determined that her skeleton size is small. This surprised her just like Alice because her hips are so wide. This gives her a different perspective on her body and allows her to start feeling at home with it. She’s beginning to lean into her natural beauty.

Scale Of Prints & Accessories

The last clue for the scale of prints and accessories for Grace is small. She’ll combine it with her Color Skin, Hair and Eyes and Body Proportions clues for her overall scale strategy.

Body Frame Size -- Veronica

Medium Body Frame Size

Veronica’s Body Frame Size is medium. She wasn’t surprised by this result.

Scale Of Prints & Accessories

Her scale clue for this Body Element is medium. Her next step is to combine all the scale clues into one strategy.


By understanding all their Body Elements, the Girls are starting to accept their bodies and can see their natural beauty. For Alice and Grace, they were surprised by their Body Frame Size results because they always thought they were large boned because one part of their body was wider than the others.

By understanding this Body Element the Girls are ready to determine their Scale Strategies. This way they’ll be able to determine the scale of prints and accessories that will help each of them tap into their confidence and personal power even further.

Because they understand the placement of horizontal and vertical lines for their Body Shapes and Body Proportions, they’re placing these lines based on their body clues. As a result, they feel the difference, and they’re better able to conquer their worlds.

In the next blog post, Sam, Monica, Alice, Grace and Veronica will learn how to determine their individual Scale Strategies. This post is called: Scale Strategy — The Girls.

Wear Your Greatness!!

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