What To Wear To A Christmas Party -- Sam

What To Wear To A Christmas Party — Sam

Sam believes figuring out what to wear to a Christmas party is a welcome sign that life is getting back to normal. Before the pandemic she dreaded the thought of figuring out what to wear to any party. She’s never been a clothes person.

Sam thought clothes were just something to cover your body. Now she’s learned clothes can change how you feel. The right clothes for her body help her tap into her confidence and personal power. So much so that she’s starting projects she’s only dreamt about.

With the first company Christmas party since 2019, her architectural firm Sam is going all out. It will be a cocktail dress affair. She previously avoided shopping for a dress or any clothes. Now she has the knowledge she needs to pick the right dress for her, and she’s looking forward to it.

Keep reading to find out which dress Sam picked and why it works for her body so well.

Sam’s Body Elements


As a review, these are Sam’s Body Element clues:

  • Body Shape — H (Body Shape — The Girls)
    • Angular clothes silhouette
    • Can place horizontal and vertical lines almost anywhere when considering Body Shape
  • Face Shape — Oval (Face Shape — The Girls)
    • Curved design lines, prints and accessories
  • Color Skin, Hair, Eyes — High Color Contrast (Color Skin, Hair & Eyes — The Girls)
    • Favorite Colors — Blue, Pink (red/violet), Green
    • Color Combinations (other colors) — 
      • Triadic — Blue
      • Triadic or Complementary — Pink
      • Complementary — Green
    • Color Combinations (relative lightness and darkness) — High contrast
    • First Scale Clue — Large
  • Body Proportions —  Short between chin/bust, Long between waist/crotch (Body Proportions — The Girls)
    • Horizontal lines — Don’t place them between her chin/bust but do place them between her waist/crotch
    • Vertical lines — Limit the amount between her waist/crotch but do place them between her chin/bust
    • Second Scale Clue — Decrease overall scale between chin/bust and increase it between waist/crotch
  • Body Frame Size — Medium  (Body Frame Size — The Girls)
    • Third scale clue — Medium
  • Scale Strategy —  Medium/Large  (Scale Strategy — The Girls)
    • Decrease it to medium between her chin/bust
    • Increase it to large between her waist/crotch

What To Wear To A Christmas Party -- Dress

What To Wear To A Christmas Party

One of Sam’s favorite colors is blue. When she saw this dress she knew she had to investigate it further. She looked at the design lines to see if they work for her and determined they could. She tried it on for fit and making sure the design lines were in the right place. When she put the dress on she knew it was the right one. This fact totally amazed her because this is the sign her body gives her when the outfit is right for her.

Design Line & Color Analysis


The first design line Sam looked at was the silhouette. She learned that’s the outside line of the outfit. The difference between the shoulders/waist, waist/hips and hips/shoulders. There are two categories: angular and curved. In the angular category, the shoulders, waist and hips all appear to be the same width. While in the curved category, the waist is significantly smaller than the shoulders and hips.

Sam learned that her Body Shape gives her clues as to which category she should wear. She has an H (Rectangle) Body Shape: so her shoulders, waist and hips appear to be all the same width. This means she should wear angular silhouettes.

When holding up this dress on the hanger, Sam noted that the silhouette appeared to be angular, perfect for her Body Shape clue.

Horizontal Lines

Next Sam looked for horizontal design lines. She learned horizontal lines stop the eyes, emphasize the area and make it appear wider and shorter. Her Body Shape and Body Proportions gave her clues as to the placement of these design lines.

For the Body Shape, one doesn’t want to place horizontal lines at the widest area because the eye emphasizes this area, and makes it appear even wider. On the other hand, horizontal lines in thin areas bring attention to this area and make it appear wider, creating balance with the widest area.

For Body Proportions, horizontal lines in short areas make these areas appear even shorter. However, one does want horizontal lines in long areas because they make these areas appear shorter, creating balance.

Sam learned she doesn’t have to worry about horizontal lines for her Body Shape because she doesn’t have one area wider than another. But, she needs to consider them for her Body Proportions.

Sam is short between her chin/bust and long between her waist/crotch. Her torso and legs are around the same length. This means she wants to avoid horizontal lines between her chin/bust; but wants them between her waist/crotch.

This dress has two main horizontal lines: the waist seam and hemline. Both of these are perfect for her.

Vertical Lines

Sam learned vertical lines are another design line she needs to consider. They move the eye up and down, and make the area appear thinner and taller. Her Body Shape and Body Proportions give her clues as to the placement of vertical lines.

For a Body Shape, it’s desirable to have them in the widest area; because they make the area appear thinner and move the eye through that area.

For Body Proportions, one wants them in short areas because they will make these areas appear longer. On the other hand, you don’t want them in just long areas because they will make these areas appear even longer.

As with horizontal lines, Sam doesn’t need to consider them for her Body Shape because she doesn’t have a wide area; but she needs to consider her Body Proportions.

Because she’s short between her chin/bust she wants them in this area to help make this area appear longer. Because what she’s wearing a dress to the party, she doesn’t have to worry about vertical lines between her waist/crotch because one can’t tell where the torso ends and legs begin.

This dress has a diagonal line from the left shoulder to under the right armpit. Sam learned many diagonal lines are a type of vertical line which can create length. When she tried on the dress, she looked to make sure this was true and it was.

What To Wear To A Christmas Party -- Necklace

Now that Sam has found a dress, she’s looking for a necklace. This last year she’s learned to look for necklaces that create length because she’s short between her chin/breast. This necklace does just that. If someone told her she’d be wearing so much bling last year, she’d say not a chance. But a lot has changed and her knowledge about clothes and accessories has grown. She now knows there’s a time and place for everything. As a result, her confidence in herself and her abilities has also grown.

Design Line & Color Analysis

Vertical Lines

Sam looked for necklaces with a vertical line to make the area between her chin and bust appear longer. She learned that lariat necklaces do just that. Before she learned that, she hated to wear them but she never knew why. The necklaces she tried on before created a horizontal line making this area appear even shorter. As in architecture, design lines can change the perspective.

Shape Of Design Lines

The shape of design lines is another aspect Sam learned about. They come in two categories: angular and curved. Angular design lines have angles; while, curved ones the lines have curves. Her Face Shape gives her clues as to which category is best for her.

Sam has an oval Face Shape which means she should wear curved design lines. She can find them in design detail in the clothes themselves like, necklines, collars and pockets to name of few. Other places are accessories and prints. As a result, she knows she should look for necklaces with curved shapes.

This necklace is full of curved shapes.

What To Wear To A Christmas Party -- Earrings

What To Wear To A Christmas Party -- Sam Earrings

Now that Sam has picked a necklace now she’s looking for earrings. She picked ones that matched the necklace. She has always liked symmetry which carries over into jewelry.

Design Line & Color Analysis

Design Line Shape

Like the necklace the earrings have curved design lines.

What To Wear To A Christmas Party -- Shoe

Next Sam went to the shoe department. She normally only wears flats because she’s on and off construction sites, where heals aren’t practical. She decided she would step outside her comfort zone and wear heels to the Christmas party. However, she looked for ones with a bigger heel. She knew she would never last in a stiletto heel. She found these and they worked perfectly.

Design Line & Color Analysis

Horizontal Lines

Sam noted that the straps just below her ankle created horizontal lines. This works for her because the length of her legs and torso are even. If her legs were shorter than her torso these shoes might not work as well.

Design Lines Shape

Sam knows the toe shape is an important design line on shoes. They come in angular and curved shapes. She’s looking for a curved toe because she has a curved Face Shape. These shoes have a curved toe that is perfect for her.

What To Wear To A Christmas Party-- Clutch

What To Wear To A Christmas Party -- Sam Clutch

When looking for a clutch to go with the dress, Sam couldn’t find anything she liked and especially one that matches her Face Shape at the Macy’s store. When she got home she looked on macys.com to see if there were any she liked and found this. She felt she hit the jackpot because it was exactly what she was looking for, a statement piece and its shape matched the clues of her Face Shape. She was excited to find it.

Design Line & Color Analysis

Design Lines Shape

This clutch’s corners are all rounded creating a curved shape. It was hard for Sam to find a clutch with curved corners. Curved corners matched her Face Shape clue.

Final Thoughts

This shopping trip Sam surprised herself. She purchased an outfit she never thought she would ever wear. Growing up she was only interested only in sports; clothes were an afterthought. Now she understands the clues her body gives her, and now she understands that clothes change how she feels. In fact, over the last year, she has felt more confident in her abilities and is now a part of projects she’s only dreamed about.

In the next blog post, Monica will share what she’s wearing to the Christmas Party her husband’s firm is putting on. It will be held at a historical mansion and the attire is formal. Armed with the new knowledge about what clothes work best for her body, she’s excited to find a formal dress. To learn which dresses work best for her body, goto: What To Wear To A Christmas Party — Monica.

Wear Your Greatness!!

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